Celebrating sobriety.
Confronting addiction.
We are a Federally recognized 
non-profit organization that provides safe, drug free housing for addicts who are in recovery.
Our experienced team of leaders, counselors, coaches, and volunteers understand exactly what it takes to ensure a successful recovery from addiction. It is this passion for helping those who struggle in this realm that drives our entire purpose of providing sober homes to those in transition from treatment to independent life in society.
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Sober Support is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization. We leverage our combined experience in addiction, counseling, law enforcement, drug-court teams, and work in the fields of alcohol and drug free housing to provide the services to our participants. In our experience, nothing has helped more than safe and supportive alcohol and drug-free housing, also known as sober homes. We have seen thousands of people recreate their respective lives with family, employers, and their communities. We see the benefit for people to live in an environment that provides structure, accountability, and peer support. As such, we feel it is essential to provide a place where they are free to recreate how they want to be in society. This safe place offers them what they need to grow and flower, but also keeping their roots deep in the unique recovery community once they are home. 
We are actively engaged within our community to bring awareness to our efforts and connect resources with those who need them. Our current outreach efforts include:
  • Awareness of program in recover centers
  • Referrals
  • Brochures at AA/NA meetings
  • Website
  • Social media