We leverage our combined experience in addiction, Counseling, Law Enforcement, Drug-Court Team’s and work in the field of Alcohol and Drug Free Housing.

In our experience, nothing has helped more than safe supportive alcohol and drug free housing.( Sober Home’s). We have seen thousands of people recreate their respective lives with family, employers, and civilization. We see the benefit for people to live in an environment of structure, accountability and peer support. A place where they are free to recreate their place in society.  To grow and flower, but keeping their roots deep in the unique recovery community at home.

Eligibility screenings
Weekly alcohol and drug screenings
Weekly house meetings
Recovery plans
Leadership opportunities
Regular progress reports
A safe, supportive, alcohol and
drug free environment

MASH certified homes


Provides a home for each new eligible candidate
Helps us offer free beds to those who were sick and
suffering and really want help
Provides a launching pad for those trying to re-enter the workforce
Gives hope to those who were once hopeless
Saves lives


Candidates must enter from a treatment facility or a half-way house
Candidates must pass alcohol/drug screening
Candidates must have a sponsor and a program of recovery

Your Support Can Help

100% of your donation goes directly to funding addicts/ alcoholics get  the help they need in ADF Housing.

With all the benefits that sober homes offer to people, communities and Society there is a problem for these addicts/alcoholics to get the funds that they need to enter one. The decent houses, most of them certified, will require first and last week’s rent and a one time processing fee for record checks and administrative work.  All total, it could cost around $500 for that first week and between $100 – $200 per week after that.  Most addicts, by the time they are ready to start a new life have burned every bridge and spent every dime they own. Even if they’re lucky enough to secure a job the day they leave treatment the employer holds back a week. Our mission is to help these individuals at just the right time to get the start they need.
The- Benefits of your donation
The people we have got scholarships to sober house’s we manage have thrived. They became self sufficient in the first month. They have regained their place in society. In fact they thrive!
List or enter images, video of high profile addicts who came out
We are surrounded with successful and wonderful people living in long term sobriety. We love their music, their arts, we like watching them on TV. Grateful people in recovery are in every aspect of our society. They are the best, politicians, police officers, bankers, lawyers
and doctors. They are your neighbors. They are the ones teaching your children in schools. They
are the ones building the bridges and tunnels you drive on.  They are the ones taking care of hair. They care for your pets, deliver your mail, fix your cars and help others to dress. They are found all over the world and always willing to stop and encourage one another .